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Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Parthenon but never had the chance to make the journey? The next best thing, a 360 degree virtual tour over and around the sacred rock is now available!

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The Russian team designed an application that offers a spectacular high-resolution tour around the Athenian monument. The experience users get is so realistic and dramatic, that they feel like hovering over the temples, navigating to the direction and perspective they want while being informed of what they see every time. The application includes a very informative article about the history of the Athenian landmark and the work done in situ for the project itself.

But since the Acropolis rock is not detached from the city (actually it lies in the heart of it), users can further explore sights and streets around the old town of Athens and beyond, getting an idea of what more there is to see of old and new – a feature that much characterizes Athens itself. What is apparent in all snapshots is the unique clear and strong light of the Attican skies that so inspires photographers.

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Such a bird-eye’s view of the Attican landscape, with mountains surrounding the city of Athens rolling down to the sea and the harbor of Pireas is a spectacle that even locals don’t get to see every day – unless they are birds of course!

The inventive Russian team have made various such works of the world’s most amazing man-made and natural monuments, including the Masai-Mara in Kenya, Mont Saint-Michel Abbey in France, Mount Everest in Nepal, the Taj Mahal in India and the Grand Canyon in the U.S.A.

You can find the Athens application here:


Sophia Nikolaou