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A thousand years old panorama


When it comes to travel, fall (as well as spring) is a nice period for a field trip. Summer has ended, and with it the notion of a vacation as a trip to the beach. In the next month, those that have a few days off, and those who managed not to spend all their money on a summer vacation, will head to a city with beautiful squares, striking buildings and maybe an occasional castle, will consider some landmarks, etc…
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Where to go? So, going back to the beach is not a bad idea. Especially if you live in a region with a coastal area, lakes and seas were attractive and strategically important points for thousands of years, since there is civilized life in these areas, during the summer these places were forgotten and unnoticed except for the beach and sea, but besides the beach, there are a lot of places to be seen and they will only cost you a few hours of your time and a couple of euros.
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Consider, for example, Pieria, one of the two most popular places to visit for a Macedonian tourist in Greece along with Halkidiki. Tens of thousands of guests pouring its long and wide beaches every year, not many tourists get to see the panorama of the whole coast from the castle of Platamona which is a thousand years old. It was built in the 10-11 century amid the Crusades, and today it is a real timeline that is letting us take a peak in that period, revealing the houses in which people lived, temples to pray in. water towers, and especially the walls that safeguarded them allow us to experience the most beautiful panorama in this part of Greece. With a view that reaches hundreds of kilometers from north to south, guard posts who kept the walls safe from attacks from land or water, and then a millennium later, visitors are left to only see the thrill of the sea.
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This is only the beginning. In fact , the discovery of Pieria can start from any souvenir shop in the places where you go on holiday . When you buy a refrigerator magnet or a tequila cup, don’t just throw the bag, it has a printed map of the area with all of the interesting places to visit. On it you will see Litohoro, which is a very picturesque town about five miles away from the coast, a place between the mountain and the sea, it is considered to be the starting point of Olympus which is one of the most mythical mountains in history.
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Besides the interesting houses and the narrow streets, the landscape behind them makes you believe you are in Austria or Italy rather than Greece. Lithoro offers a unique view when not covered in clouds (a rare thing for Olympus) hides the peak of the mountain, Mitikas, the throne of Zeus (3000 meters high). You will also find Dion which is the most important archaeological point I this part of Greece, here researches last for four decades and are far from over, who knows how many secrets are left to be revealed on this site, you have Pantheleimon, Scotia, Korinos and many other places for which no field trip has to wait for fall, and when fall comes, don’t bypass the coast.
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