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A passion for photography since I was little


“I first started taking photos with my dad’s cell phone, but the magic of capturing images and moments quickly obsessed me. I got my first camera when I was 12 and since then I have took thousands of photos”. This is how Aydanur Nezir, the winner of our Balkon3 photo contest, which was held the previous month, started telling her story.

aydanur_naslovnaAlthough she’s only 17 years old, Aydanur is a great lover of photography. She says that she wants to photograph everything that attracts her attention. She loves to travel, and her favorite cities to capture through her lenses are Cairo, Bangkok, New Delhi and Rio de Janeiro. It’s not a secret that she has a great wish to deal with photography professionally.

Aydanur with her prize from Balkon 3, a FujiFilm camera

We assure you that Aydanur is already a great photographer, and the best proof for that are the photos included. Enjoy!


Photo: Aydanur Nezir