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A Balkan Tale

Five prominent Balkan photographers have photographed a series of unique monuments of the Ottoman period and present them to the public at an exhibit at the Museum of Greek Folk Art in Plaka, the center of Athens.


The exhibition was opened on 9th February and the five photographers converse through their art about unique monuments of the Ottoman period, such as Turkish baths, aqueducts, churches, mosques, bridges and shelters for the poor.


They are the works of Ivan Petrovic from Serbia, Kamilo Nollas from Greece, Jutta Benzenberg from Albania, Ivan Blazev from Macedonia and Samir Karahoda from Kosovo. The view through their cameras shows the common history of the Balkan countries and, as the organizers of the exhibition stated, it presents a challenge to look beyond ethnic borders and search through the entire history of the Balkans.

The organizers describe this “Balkan Tale” as an attempt to incite a public discussion on the common history of the Balkans and to help preserve and present the cultural heritage of the region. It includes a travelling exhibit of photographs, accompanied by concurrent events (educational programmes, documentaries, a website, printed versions and a journey of the senses).

It is a project of Goethe Institute with support of the European Union. It is produced by a Greek production company ANEMON, the Museum of Folk Art, Athens, as well as ten non-government organizations from the Balkans. A number of well-known historians, including Mark Mazower, took part in this project, and Christina Koulouri is in charge of scientific supervision.

The exhibition closes 8th April 2012.

For further information:

Museum of Greek Folk Art

17 Kydatheneon St Plaka

Athens 10558