Guide to SKOPJE


Time and time again, international movie-makers decided to use the beautiful landscapes of the Greek islands as a setting to super-hit movies. It has for years been a win-win situation: both for the box-offices as...

Ramadan Bayram in Skopje’s oldest Mosque

How does a Ramadan Bayram prayer look to someone from a Christian family? Probably similar to Easter, but without the women, for whom we know don’t pray in the mosque according to their religion. I...


Boza and salep are traditional drinks with specific, familiar flavors. They do not require expensive advertisements and advertising agencies. Their customers are regular, and can’t wait for wintertime to come, especially in the Balkan countries....


(Although there are millions of them, or the whole thing can be viewed as one great absurd, but still..) 1. Every country in the Balkans believes that it should be bigger than it is, to... We need at least one more Balkan peninsula to satisfy everybody

Don’t just peek over: Join in! (How to travel like a local to the Cyclades islands)

The geography bit The Cyclades archipelago is situated to the south of the Aegean Sea within close reach from the Greek capital city. The ancient name for this cluster of islands derives from the circle... Useful tips and information

Balkon3 interview: Richard Galliano

When it comes to French accordion player Richard Galliano, it can be said that he did for the European music tradition what his mentor Astor Piazzolla has done with the Argentinian tango – he elevated... his music carries sorrow, joy and optimism

Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge is the most famous landmark of Skopje. It is featured in all promotional videos for the city, it is the most often presented on postage stamps and dominates the coat of arms...

Baklavas Koumiotikos – Almond baklava from Kymi, the Balcony of the Aegean

Sweet tradition from Evia Island Kymi is known as the “Balcony of the Aegean” and is a pretty town on the island of Evia. Kymi with its rich maritime tradition is also loved for its... Sweet tradition from Evia Island

Flija – irresistible traditional taste

Flija is one of the most favored dishes in Albanian cuisine. It takes only a few ingredients to make it, but this delicious dish depends on your baking skills so its preparation involves hard, painstaking...

Ozlem’s home made turkish delight-Lokum

Have you ever tried Turkish Delight? These delicately flavored, scrumptious sweets are one of Turkey’s hallmarks. They can be plain, sade, delicately flavored with fragrant rose water or dried fruits, nuts and desiccated coconut can be...

Church in Munich unites religions

One of the most important churches to the citizens of Munich, Saint Margaret is located in the worker’s quarter of Sendling and serves the Catholic believers throughout the year. But for a few days each...

Ilina Arsova – SAMURAI of the mountain tops

Mountains make us better and happier people Depriving herself of everyday comforts for months, struggling to conquer the mountain top, but she believes those things make us more humane and better people. She is an...

Innovative young people will improve our societies

Balkon3 interview with Zeenat Rahman Zeenat Rahman serves as Secretary Clinton’s Special Adviser on Global Youth Issues and Director of the Office of Global Youth Issues (J/GYI) as of June 26, 2012. In that capacity,...

First radio station of the Greek community of Istanbul officially launched

The “Echo of Istanbul”, the first greek-speaking radio of the Istanbuli-Greek (Rum) Community has been transmitting live worldwide via the Internet for the past 6 months. Its official launching event was hosted on October 30th...

Our ultimate goal is to make the world a safer, more secure place for everyone

Balkon3 interview with Robin Lerner, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Private Sector Exchange at the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Ms Lerner, More than 300.000 foreign citizens every year come to...

Popova Sapka – pleasure for the eyes

Tourists who visit our country admire the beauty of nature, envious of the treasures that we possess, whereas we, “the apparent owners of this natural treasure”, are not aware of what we have inherited from...

Grinderman spreads different energy than the Bad Seeds

Interview with Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds & Grinderman): “We are musicians with different interests”. After so many years being the leader of his band the Bad Seeds, Nick Cave, along with...
Ramadan and 10 frequently asked questions about fasting

Ramadan and 10 frequently asked questions about fasting

Before dawn I wait for the first smell of Suhoor from the kitchen. My mother is cooking. I can feel the smell, unusual, sweet, full of feelings. It is not just the smell of food,... Fasting is “forced poverty”

The 8 absurdities of the Balkan Greater State nationalism

1. Every country in the Balkans believes that it should be bigger than it is. We’d need at least one more Balkan peninsula to satisfy everybody. 2.But none of them considers that as taking something... All countries have “historical arguments”

To Serve and Protect: Meet the Ezerani Park Rangers

While most of us work in weekdays and wait for a little precious spare time to spend in nature, some were lucky enough to have nature as their working place. Borche Lazarovski, Toni Dzepovski are... What is it that jeopardizes the park, anyway?

Bulgarian and Macedonian journalists join forces to fight fake news

The Bulgarian and the Macedonian journalists sent a strong condemnation of hate speech and mutual support in the fight against fake news, from the first ever “Weekend of Dialogue – Journalists Against Prejudice” held in... The first step is to establish a Rapid Communication Group

“Free of charge” – by the state

When the state tells you that it provides something for free, it’s the same as if the fridge offers to buy you lunch. If nobody puts food in the fridge, nothing will come out of... The state never gives anything for free

Historic places in Istanbul – Samatya

I have lived in Istanbul for almost 40 years now, and I feel a duty to tell about the city. My first reportage will be accompanied by a cup of Turkish coffee with just a...


When you listen to an hour and a half of ska, reggae and rap spiced with familiar Balkan sound, Roma melodies and pop evergreens, when crowds dance to songs by Goran Bregovic and Manu Chao,... Borders don’t mean anything

Wintertime holiday season a la Greek

To some it is the need to escape for a while from the gloominess of winter and the increasing difficulties of everyday life. Others see it as a spiritual uplifting occasion and a return to... Peek over our wintertime festivities

The Last Chance

For about 30 years, two countries are fighting for one name. In the past decades, the world powers differ supporting one side or the other, or both of them to reach the historical agreement. The... This agreement leads to the future