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„Young Can Bonomo has managed to attract attention with his interesting style and specific music and this year in Baku, Turkey is going for its second victory after Sertap Erner won in 2003. “

Eurosong! For some people it is an activity shadowed by political events. Their criticism goes as far as claiming the contest was established in order to test whether telephone lines in Europe were working properly. Harshest critics say it is a lesson in history and geography, especially when it comes to voting. On the other hand, for many people Eurosong is the most popular music festival in Europe, a fun meeting of European cultures, whose main purpose after the war was to promote cultural interaction and strengthen the pop music scene, at the same time encouraging competition among composers and performers. New technology was first tested during these festivals, such as wireless microphones, jimmy jib triangle, virtual studio technology and the latest in stage lighting technologies.

Balkon3 web portal will help you get a closer look at the boy who, in a very short time, managed to get a huge number of fans.


Can Bonomo was born in Izmir 24 years ago. He started playing the guitar at thew age of 8. He graduated from the Faculty of Film and Television at Bilgi University, Istanbul.

“When I heard that we are going to represent Turkey at the Eurosong Contest I was very surprised. We weren’t expecting that. It is so special and we are very proud.” – said Can after he heard the great news. He also talked about how he started his career in music. “When I was 8 I was living with my grandmother. One afternoon while my parents were having tea and chatting, the neighbours’ son began to play loudly on his electric guitar. Since my grandma couldn’t stand loud music she told me to go over and ask him to turn it down a bit. I went there and asked Zafer to turn it down but then he started playing even louder. He played songs by some cult bands like The Beatles and The Kinks and I was so impressed I stayed there until the end of his session. When I came back home I told my mother I wanted to become a musician and asked her to buy me a guitar. It took several weeks to persuade her, and finally she bought me one and I started having guitar lessons.”

Bonomo has been writing poetry since a very young age. He wrote his first song at the age of 11, and composed a song at 14. His poetry and music were mainly influenced by poets, writers, film directors and the least by musicians. “I am mostly impressed by Nazim Hikmet, Mevlana, Jim Jarmusch, Kubrick and Godard. My first girlfriend persuaded me to start a professional career in music, my mother has always been supportive and my sister left a mark on my music.”- said Bonomo. He described his song with very few words. “It’s Istanbul music.”- says Can.


Music authorities describe Can Bonomo’s Eurovision song as very successful and there weren’t any negative comments.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t expect such a clever song, fun song with a clear concept. It’s a combination of Balkan and Ottoman music with tiny elements of Goran Bregovic’s music style, elements of rock and folk music. In this respect I think it is a job well done, though they had to work on the song a bit more. The arrangement is too complicated and looking at Eurosong experiences, it should be simpler. The mode properties of the song sound well in English.” – says a well-known TV commentator.

The media, that can be ruthless at times, thought the song is very good and supported it from day one, which means a lot to Bonomo. There was some negative criticism in regard to his stage appearance, stating that he must work hard to look like a star. When he goes out on stage he should have an artistic attitude but he looks like a child. According to critics he should be more serious when giving statements to the media, there is a lot of humour in his answers, so he should pay more attention to that.

Husamedin Gina