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5th Annual Printmaking Workshop „Sofija“

International printmaking workshop “Sofija” will be held in Bogdanci from 23rd August till 3rd September.  It is unique of its kind in Macedonia and the Balkans. Fourteen young authors, from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, will participate this year.

Printing company “Sofija”, organizers of this workshop, say their goal is to enable young talented authors to exchange experiences, or to provide good conditions for them to work on their creations. Graphics is a technique rarely used in the region because of the working conditions. This year’s mentor is renowned professor Radovan Jandric, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad.

Participants’ final creations will be displayed in the gallery of “Sofija” printing company and several exhibitions are scheduled in towns round Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Printmaking workshop “Sofija” was first organized in 2008 and over 60 young artists from the region have participated so far.

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