Guide to SKOPJE

“A Balkan Tale” has arrived in Skopje

The story of five prominent  Balkan photographers continues. Ivan Blazev – Skopje, Jutta Benzenberg – Tirana, Kamillo Nolas – Athens, Samir Karahoda – Prizren and Ivan Petrovic – Belgrade take photographs of  a series of unique monuments from the Ottoman period and will present them at an exhibition of photographs at Kursumli An, the Old Bazaar in Skopje.

The memories of Ottoman period are preserved in buildings which are now not used for their original purpose and have lost their splendor due to neglect and destruction. Still, no matter  what their condition is now, whether they are ruined or well preserved, these private, public,  Christian, Muslim or Jewish buildings exist as documents of our common history. A history that has been shared by Balkan nations for almost six centuries.

The organizers describe this project as an attempt to arouse a public discussion about Balkan’s common history and to help preserve and present the cultural heritage of the region. It consists of a travelling exhibition of photographs, accompanied by concurrent events (educational programmes, documentaries, a website, a printed version and a journey of the senses). Contemporary photos of these landmarks enable us to see the Ottoman heritage in a different light, to reconsider our common past and tell our Balkan story. The photographs depict important objects such as: mosques, churches, Turkish baths, inns, aqueducts, palaces and bridges presenting their unique historical features and their current condition as well.

The documentary film “A Balkan Tale” had its premiere at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

“A Balkan Tale” is a Goethe Institut project with support from the European Union.

Exhibition information:

Place: Kursumli An, Skopje Old Bazaar

Open: 25th April – 9th May 2012