Balkon 3 presents: I am underground

After many complications and confusion, after hundreds of kebebs and beers accompanied by heated but fruitful debates between the director, screenwriter, producer and sound technician, and after nearly a year since the first scene was shot, we have the pleasure of presenting the first documentary film produced by Balkon 3 web site: I am underground.


Me Sijum Underground (I am Underground) is a story about a band. And a neighbourhood. Shutka is no ordinary neighborhood. Neither is Shutka Roma Rap an ordinary band. Its members are market sellers and craftsmen one day and the very next one, performing artists on the stages of some of the biggest European festivals such as Roskilde and Sziget Festival. Obviously, there is also the daily routine of obligations, family, social struggle and the asylum seeker injustices. But everything is forgotten as soon as the music caravan hits the road. Actually, this is a film about music and power of music. Or just one more amusing, yet hopeful story from Balkon 3 team.


Aleksandar Manasiev and Mirko Trajanovski are the authors of the documentary film and Darko Cekerovski is the producer. You can watch the trailer for I am underground below. The premiere will take place at Cinematheque of Macedonia on the 3rd April (Thursday) at 20:00 hrs.