Guide to SKOPJE

Performance of “Ankara wind quintet”

This year’s „Days of the Macedonian music“ will end tonight with two interesting concerts. The first is the performance of the formation „Ankara wind quintet“ from Turkey in 20.00 in the Skopje City Museum and after that in 21.00 Mehmet Can Özer, Miroslav Spasov and the members of the Turkish quintet will play a concert of electronic music.

Ankara Wind Quintet

“Ankara wind quintet” was founded in 2006 by Cem Önertürkand And Karabacak  and its members are musicians educated in Germany and England. The goal of this brass-band form Ankara is to support the modern music in Turkey. From its beginnings up to now, the quintet has played many first performances of composition of Turkish contemporary composers.