Guide to SKOPJE

Kaymacina – Rumelian dessert

Kaymacina (krempita) is a light and tasty sweet delicacy from the Balkan region. It is prepared quick and easy and it looks like creamy caramel, but without the caramel. In the original receipt for the kaymaçina you don’t have to put shred orange peel or vanilla, but just to cover the dominant smell of the egg, which is the basic ingredient and its abundant.


1 lt. milk

5 eggs

1 water cup of sugar

1 shredded peel of orange and vanilla


The eggs and the sugar are mixed, until the sugar is completely melted. After that you add the milk and continue with the whisking. The mixture of milk, eggs and sugar is put in a glass bowl which is than placed in another pot full with water.

It is baked in an oven heated up to 170 degrees until it gets brown crusty look. The sweet can be served after it gets cold. The fruit juice is a very good idea for decoration…:)