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Devil’s Wall

Devil’s Wall

The wastelands surrounding the town of Sveti Nikole resemble a remote valley in Afghanistan rather than a macedonian landscape, and hide an amazing legend. It hasn’t been in the public eye so far, but that... amazing legend
Bouldering – the art of rock climbing

Bouldering – the art of rock climbing

It is very little known about bouldering in this part of the world. It is a sport which involves rock climbing without the use of ropes or similar equipment used in alpine climbing. Bouldering is... Climbing without a rope
Balkon 3 presents: I am underground

Balkon 3 presents: I am underground

After many complications and confusion, after hundreds of kebebs and beers accompanied by heated but fruitful debates between the director, screenwriter, producer and sound technician, and after nearly a year since the first scene was... Just one more amusing, yet hopeful story
Postman who ran 220 kilometres

Postman who ran 220 kilometres

All postmen are marathon runners. They travel tens of kilometres on foot day by day and the hero of this story is one such man. Everybody in Veles knows Trajce Mihov, and there is nothing...
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Church in Munich unites religions

One of the most important churches to the citizens of Munich, Saint Margaret is located in the worker’s quarter of Sendling and serves the Catholic believers throughout the year. But for a few days each...
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Little Paco de Lucia from Strumica Conquers Europe

This is a story about a guitar “desperado” from Strumica. Although Stojan Stojanov is just 12 years old, he has climbed the throne of many prestigious European competitions with his guitar. With only a few...

Interview with “Letecki Pekinezeri”

“Its all music” was the response of one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Duke Ellington to the numerous debates on how to define jazz. In a relaxed atmosphere in the club MKC,...

Comfortable home for the homeless

In fact they  all have different stories,  but at the end they also have one thing in common. They are homeless and living on the street.  The hostel  for accommodation , which was open  with...

Greek Journalists in Bursa

A group of Greek journalists visited Osmangazi Municipality in the Turkish province Bursa. During the two-day programme they urged for development of co-operation between the two countries and liberalization of the visa regime so that...

Matka – embrace of nature!

Balkon 3 takes you on a boat ride through Matka Canyon, down the Treska river to Vrelo cave. The canyon is situated only 15 km from Skopje and Vrelo cave is one of the deepest...