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Eyup and Pierre Loti Café in Istanbul

See into the heart and soul of true Istanbul with Balkon3 If you have seen everything in the European part of Istanbul, such as Taksim square or elegant Beyoglu, the noisy Bazaar or the tranquil... No guide will ever take you there
Winter hike – weekend in the mountains

Winter hike – weekend in the mountains

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory” was written by famous high-altitude mountaineer Ed Viesturs, the first American to climb all 14 mountain tops higher than 8,000 meters in the world, in...
Wintertime holiday season a la Greek

Wintertime holiday season a la Greek

To some it is the need to escape for a while from the gloominess of winter and the increasing difficulties of everyday life. Others see it as a spiritual uplifting occasion and a return to... Peek over our wintertime festivities
Finland best, Ukraine and Russia worst for bikers

Finland best, Ukraine and Russia worst for bikers

Interview with Konstantin Jovanovski – Press Officer with the EU Delegation in Skopje Konstantin Jovanovski is Press Officer with the EU Delegation in Skopje. He always wears a suit in the office, always smiling and... Streets of Kiev are the worst
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14 interesting features of a non-touristy village

Military secrets revealed Stracin is a village known by many in Republic of Macedonia simply because it is located on the main road leading to Bulgaria. More precisely, it is situated on the crossroad where... Military secrets revealed

Thessaloniki: little surprises off the beaten track

Everyone wants to see the most important sights of the cities they visit. Grand buildings, squares, open spaces, bridges, towers, temples, statues … These are the reason why we travel and in many cases the... No landmarks
Alcatraz in Thessaloniki

Alcatraz in Thessaloniki

Were there cells with sea view? If you wanted to have a view from the highest places in Thessaloniki some 30 years ago, you had only two options: to break the law and be imprisoned... Were there cells with sea view?

17 landmarks along Mavrovo-Struga road, the most picturesque road in Macedonia

Four lakes, five mountains, two rivers, two towns, villages, monasteries, bridges, beautiful nature … It is all packed into a few kilometres of Mavrovo-Struga road along Macedonia’s western border. The road is not easy to... It is much better in the passenger seat

Strangers in our own city

When you see a group of around fifty people, who are listening to the tourist guide with great interest while they are vigorously taking photos, you will probably think that they are some foreign tourist...
Dejan in San Francisco

Keep on riding, Dejan!

Interview with Dejan Zafirov, a young man, who cycled 5.300 kilometers from New York to San Francisco. Five years ago, Dejan lost his left leg and since then he walks with the help of a...