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Cradles – comfort and tradition

Cradles – comfort and tradition

A baby, a mother and a cradle… The cradle is the link in the divine communication between a baby and his mother. The story of the cradle began in the 1st century AD and is... a century old cradle
Winter hike – weekend in the mountains

Winter hike – weekend in the mountains

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory” was written by famous high-altitude mountaineer Ed Viesturs, the first American to climb all 14 mountain tops higher than 8,000 meters in the world, in...

Flower bicycles – New life for old rusty bikes

How can you give new life to an old unusable bike? The answer is simple – just turn it into a planter.This trend has lasted for more than a decade now and its popularity is still... Balkon3 team designed their first flower bike

17 landmarks along Mavrovo-Struga road, the most picturesque road in Macedonia

Four lakes, five mountains, two rivers, two towns, villages, monasteries, bridges, beautiful nature … It is all packed into a few kilometres of Mavrovo-Struga road along Macedonia’s western border. The road is not easy to... It is much better in the passenger seat

An unusual orchestra of soul mates

Apparently, it was just an ordinary band that can be heard in busy places in different cities round the world. However, as you get closer to hear their music you see it is not quite... Music from an unusual band

Istanbul Sunset

Sunset, according to many, is the most romantic part of the day. A moment when dreams and colours intertwine, when sun rays refract and the sky shows a shade of a multitude of colours that... Set off on an amazing journey
windows xp turkey5

The Windows XP of European Turkey

So we were driving from Istanbul to the Turkish-Greek border and the landscape totally looked like the famous Windows XP background image. The sun was the right bright, the clouds were theright white, the sky... You get the picture, right?
cador5 balkon3

I’m only happy when it rains

Photo: Husamettin... Rainy day in Skopje
Balkon3 in Bursa: Photo Gallery of ethno restaurant “Mavi Boncuk”

Balkon3 in Bursa: Photo Gallery of ethno restaurant “Mavi Boncuk”

Photo by Husamettin... breakfast, tea, coffee
Quest for the fountain of Gostivar

Quest for the fountain of Gostivar

A fountain stands in Gostivar, Oh, what a fountain, a fountain of souls, Gostivar girls gather, each a chosen one, My soul is burning and I cry… These verses come from an old Rumelian song... Photos of the town of many visitors