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Boza and salep are traditional drinks with specific, familiar flavors. They do not require expensive advertisements and advertising agencies. Their customers are regular, and can’t wait for wintertime to come, especially in the Balkan countries....

A journey around Christmas and two New Year’s Eves in 15 days

Macedonia is “the land of the holidays”. Citizens of this small Balkan country love to celebrate with friends and family in a lively atmosphere round full tables. With about twenty public and religious holidays it... Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas


(Although there are millions of them, or the whole thing can be viewed as one great absurd, but still..) 1. Every country in the Balkans believes that it should be bigger than it is, to... We need at least one more Balkan peninsula to satisfy everybody

Getting to Norway

If you need a Norwegian Visa to get there, do not hesitate to do so, as you will not regret a single trial for this beauty! Read on about the documents you need and the... Read on about the documents you need


Time and time again, international movie-makers decided to use the beautiful landscapes of the Greek islands as a setting to super-hit movies. It has for years been a win-win situation: both for the box-offices as...

Don’t just peek over: Join in! (How to travel like a local to the Cyclades islands)

The geography bit The Cyclades archipelago is situated to the south of the Aegean Sea within close reach from the Greek capital city. The ancient name for this cluster of islands derives from the circle... Useful tips and information

Macedonian chef cooks Viking food in Norway

Explore the culinary delights of the Viking food with chef Trajce Kralev from Sveti Nikole, Republic of Macedonia How did you come up with the idea to leave for Norway? It is not a country... Norway is one of the largest consumers of dairy products
Was there life before tourism?

Was there life before tourism?

The fisherman’s past lives on… A white house with blue window covers. Vivid colors and strong contrasts. The colors of the sky and the sea, as well as the Greek flag. A recipe for a... The fisherman's past lives on
Olympia Culture Festival  –  The summer event that changes the facts!

Olympia Culture Festival – The summer event that changes the facts!

Traditional Dances & Choirs Festival The “Olympia Culture Festival” which is undoubtedly the cultural event of the summer for the area of Elia, starts in a few days with the first part of the trilogy... from 17/06 until 26/06
Ramadan and 10 frequently asked questions about fasting

Ramadan and 10 frequently asked questions about fasting

Before dawn I wait for the first smell of Suhoor from the kitchen. My mother is cooking. I can feel the smell, unusual, sweet, full of feelings. It is not just the smell of food,... Fasting is “forced poverty”