Guide to SKOPJE

Balkan pottage


– 8 cups of beef or chicken soup
– One small celery
– One pickle
– Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
– One cup of sauerkraut
– Two onions
– A piece of cooked chicken meat
– One big teaspoon of flour
– One egg yolk
– Four potatoes
– salt
– carrot


At first we wash the celery, the carrot and the potatoes and than we peel it and chop it in small pieces. After that the chopped onion is cooked at low temperature in a pot with vegetable oil. We add the flour and mix it several times. Then we add the chopped vegetables and the previously prepared beef soup and continue with the cooking. The mixed egg yolk and the sauercraut are slowly poured into the pottage. Then we put the finely  minced pickle and the chicken meat and finally add some salt. The pottage is served while it’s still hot.